Carolina Commercial Systems duct fabrication shop in Raleigh, NC uses both modern technology and traditional techniques to produce our duct systems. All built to meet the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association (SMACNA) standards or higher! We offer duct fabrication services across North Carolina.

Duct Fabrication Procedures

Our duct fabrication process starts with a professional order form that are either brought in from outside contractors or from our mechanics.

Raleigh, NC Duct Fabrication Shop

Fittings: All fittings are cut out with an advanced cutting technology plasma machine. This saves time to allow us to get our products out quickly while meeting demand. After the fittings are cut, we run them through a UL listed Lockformer that will put a Pittsburgh or snap lock seams on the fitting. We prefer to use Pittsburgh for a better air tight seal. Finally, we have our professional sheet metal fabricators put the fittings together, and then they are ready for installation.

Straight Duct: Straight duct is cut to length with a 5 or 10 foot shear. The duct is then laid out on a hydraulic notching machine. Depending on the pressure class of the duct, a Pittsburgh or a snap lock seam is applied with a UL Listed Lockformer machine on the straight duct. They are then folded with either a power break or hand break depending on the gauge of the metal. Last but not least, a cleat former to turn drives on the duct if desired.


Types of Duct Fabricated:

  • Low pressure snap lock
  • Medium and High Pressure Pittsburgh
  • Lined duct (1/2”, 1” & 2”) antibacterial duct liner
  • Duct Mate
  • Drain Pans
  • Plenum boxes
  • Square to round transitions
  • Square to Square transitions
  • Offsets
  • Parker fittings
  • Radius elbows
  • Square elbows with single or double turning vanes
  • Tees
  • Branch take offs
  • We make our own Drives and S locks.