Planned Maintenance

Commercial Planned Maintenance
for Raleigh & Durham, NC

Commercial Planned Maintenance

Quarterly and Bi-Annual Commercial Planned Maintenance Agreements are performed by trained CCS technicians. This enables customers to save money on energy cost and optimizing the longevity of their HVAC equipment from chillers and boilers to small stand-alone systems.

HVAC equipment is a large investment that a planned maintenance agreement will help protect.

Planned Maintenance Agreements

We offer commercial planned maintenance services to the Durham and Raleigh, NC area to help reduce the chances of unwanted service repairs and keep units running efficiently. Below are a few maintenance and repair services that we offer:

  • Cleaning of condenser coils
  • Calibration of safety controls and thermostats
  • Tighten electrical connections, mounts, fitting, and clamps
  • Lubrication of motors, bearing, and linkages
  • Chiller and cooling tower services
  • Cleaning condensate drains
  • Refrigerant charge assessment and adjustments
  • Clean/replace air filters
  • Belt adjustments and replacements

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