It’s never been more important than now to ensure indoor air quality is at its highest level. We’re spending more time inside than ever before, which means we notice the quality of our indoor air much more than we ever did before. It’s very easy for contaminants to get into the air in our indoor properties. Contaminated air can lead to a number of different health problems, including coughing, allergic reactions, and breathing issues.

Keeping the air in your home or business safe from contaminants requires proper air circulation and filtration equipment. At Carolina Commercial Systems, we provide air purification systems for commercial properties in Raleigh, NC and Durham, NC. This equipment can be added to your HVAC system and help to circulate contaminants out of your facility and regulate particulate levels.

Indoor Air Quality Technology

Carolina Commercial Systems relies on indoor air quality technology from iWave, an air purification device that helps to reduce pathogens, allergens, and other harmful particles inside your commercial building. The iWave helps ensure healthy air by cleaning out your air duct system through ions that are added to the air stream and work to break down harmful pollutants. These pollutants include allergens, dust, smoke, and mold. What the ions do is work to turn this polluted air into clean air. The iWave produces the highest available ion outputs possible without creating harmful ozone byproducts.

Carolina Commercial Systems is happy to provide the most effective air purification methods available to keep your indoor air clean. We are professionals who know the best methods to ensure your indoor air quality. We will provide the best solutions for your particular property and the HVAC equipment you’re using. We’ll help businesses in Raleigh and Durham circulate healthy air through the air purification technology we offer.


Pathogen Test Results

The iWave provides the best results when it comes to testing for pathogens. Tests using iWave air purifiers were run using proprietary Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) technology. The iWave-C Air Purifier P/N 4900-10 was tested against the COVID-19 virus, while the Nu-Calgon iWave-R Air Purifier P/N 4900-20 was tested against human coronavirus 229E.

iWave-C Air Purifier P/N 4900-10
SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19)

Time in Chamber: 30 Minutes
Rate of Reduction: 99.4%

Testing of the iWave-C Air Purifier showed that at 10 minutes, 84.2% of the virus was inactivated. At 15 minutes, that number moved up to 92.6% and all the way up to 99.4% after 30 minutes.

Nu-Calgon iWave-R Air Purifier P/N 4900-20
Human Coronavirus 229E

Time in Chamber: 60 Minutes
Rate of Reduction: 90%

Testing of the iWave-R Air Purifier showed 90% of the virus tested was reduced after 60 minutes.

For effective indoor air quality results you can trust, call Carolina Commercial Systems and ask about the iWave technology we rely on to purify air systems in commercial businesses and residential homes throughout the Raleigh-Durham region.